- Tanya Wilson

“Southbrook autos have been AMAZING. After buying a car second hand and getting some issues, Jesse at southbrook went above and beyond to help me. I felt like he genuinely had my best interests at heart and patiently answered all my millions of questions. I would absolutely recommend Southbrook autos”

- Jonathan Rose

“Took my car here for a WOF and it had a couple of issues. They were really helpful with advice and even helped me resolve an issue. Great team and very friendly, I will be back. Thanks.”

- Cameron Barnett

“Awesome place, shout out to Allan, who did my WOF. Awesome guy, very informative and extremely helpful! Will be coming back for sure.”

- David Smith

“I haven’t as yet had to use these guys for any mechanical repairs or vehicle servicing. Only warrants for both car and motorcycle. Motorcycle warrants are key as there is not many workshops capable of doing this. They seem very thorough and gave good feedback on the condition of the vehicle. Will definitely use them when I do need mechanical repairs or servicing.”

- Jacob D

“I got a warrant done on a 1989 safari I bought unwarranted. I bought the safari from a “friend of a friend” based on trust and didn’t bother to get an inspection. This was a very big mistake as there were quite a few problems that did not pass. Martin was very helpful and his customer service was impeccable. He stuck to his principles and did not budge on the warrant items. In the end the safari passed the WOF and is road safe.”