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Get a WOF in Rangiora from the team at Southbrook Autos


Come see us for your WOF for any make or model. If your vehicle was registered before January 1st, 2000, a Warrant of Fitness, or WOF, is required every six months. For cars younger than that, a WOF is an annual necessity. If your car is new, then you don’t need a WOF until its third birthday.

Southbrook Autos offer petrol car servicing in Rangiora

Petrol Servicing

Routine maintenance prevents malfunctions, increases performance and fuel efficiency, and lengthens the life of your car. Regular servicing ensures that your car is in tip-top shape, and when your vehicle is in top condition it will last longer–adding years of use for you and less stress on your car.

Southbrook Autos offer a range of automotive services in Rangiora

Diesel Servicing

The continuity of your business, the quality of your recreational experience and your safety, are responsibilities that our highly qualified engineers take very seriously – and that’s because we believe only the best diesel engine services will do for you.

Southbrook Autos are certified LPG mechanics in North Canterbury

Certified LPG Servicing

Servicing and repairs on an autogas system should be undertaken by an autogas installer who has been trained on the make of equipment fitted to the vehicle and who has the relevant diagnostic tools.

Southbrook Autos offer a great break repair service in Rangiora

Brake Repair

A car’s braking system is synonymous with safety, and if your brakes aren’t up to scratch, then you need to call us here at Southbrook Autos. If your brakes aren’t functioning up to acceptable standards, then your vehicle is a danger to everyone on the road; other drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Get a clutch repair from the mechanics at Southbrook Autos in Rangiora

Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Service – This involves checking the free play (adjustment) in the clutch cable and adjusting if necessary, checking the clutch fluid (hydraulic system) and road testing vehicle.

Southbrook Autos offer a car tuning service in Rangiora


We tune any make or model and have been very successful in producing outstanding results. Where other tuners may struggle to get the desired outcome, our technical knowledge and understanding enables us to deliver accurate diagnosis and impressive results.

Get a cam belt checked or replaced from the team at Southbrook Autos, based in Rangiora

Cam Belts

The cost lies not in the price of the belt, but the effects on the engine when the belt goes. The cambelt works to keep the engine in time, stopping the valves from hitting the pistons. When it breaks the sequence is thrown out, the valve hit the pistons, bending the valves.

Get in touch with the mechanics at Southbrook Autos about their Computer Diagnostics service in Rangiora

Computer Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems within a car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils, and throttle.

Southbrook Autos offer a great tyre replacement service in Rangiora


It is important for you to replace your tyres once the tread wear indicator is flush with your tread. If your tyres are more than 5 years old, they should be checked once per year. If your tyres are more than 10 years old, they should be replaced.

Replacement Battery service in Rangiora from Southbrook Autos

Replacement Batteries

Car Batteries are a common cause of issues with a car breakdowns.
We are authorized Ultra and Endurant Car Battery stockist and have battery trained technicians to help in deciding which car battery is right for your vehicle.

Southbrook Autos offer engine repairs and replacements in Rangiora, North Canterbury

Engine Rebuilds & Replacements

A rebuilt engine involves removing the engine from the vehicle and completely disassembling it. Once the engine has been disassembled, cleaned, and inspected, all damaged parts are replaced with new or refurbished replacement parts